About Us

Welcome to Back Home Direct! We are a family owned business with a passion and love of helping others turn their house into a home. Our products are intended to bring you a feeling of comfort and joy, that only being back home can bring.  On trend, and shipped right to you from Connecticut, we strive to bring you the best products and customer service, so it can be easier (and fun!) for you to decorate your home.

Our pillowcases -- the idea was born when there was not one more pillow that  would fit in our closets!  Having a passion for decorating and creating a cozy feeling in our own home, we were changing out our pillows every season and holiday. That adds up to a lot of pillows and a lot of needed space.  Every closet was literally bursting with pillows!  Here is a picture of our coat closets over flowing with pillows (never mind the basement closet, bedroom closets, bins in the attic... you get the idea!)

So, wouldn't it be great (and less expensive) to invest in one set of pillow inserts, and just change out the cases?  This is what Back Home Direct can offer to you!  We truly hope that you love our products and ideas as much as we do, and that you find joy in being home!  Happy Shopping!